Commissioner Harlan G. Shober Jr.

About Commissioner Shober

Harlan Shober, who is serving his second term as a Washington County Commissioner, brings an unequaled record of business and community experience to the position. Washington County government is one of the largest organizations in our region, providing critical services to over 200,000 residents with an operating budget of nearly $200 million per year.
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Harlan’s unique combination of extensive business and entrepreneurial experience as well as decades of elected community leadership ensure that he has both the wisdom and know-how to protect taxpayer interests effectively and honestly.


• Serving his second term as a Washington County Commissioner

• Past President of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) 2017; Board Chairman 2018 

• 32 years as a manager at Bell of Pennsylvania and AT & T where he managed sales, computers, technical support, and operations organizations.

• Founder and president of Shober Homes Inc., a successful, custom home-building business that has served dozens of customers across Washington County

• 12 years of service on the Chartiers-Houston School Board, 8 years as president

• 16 years of service on the Chartiers Township Board of Supervisors, all 16 years as chairman

• Past President of the Washington County Builders’ Association

• Past President of the Washington County Association of Township Officials

• Past Chairman of Finance Committee of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors

• Numerous other civic and community volunteer roles including the board of directors of the United Way and Blue Prints, elder at the First United Presbyterian Church, Houston 

• Veteran – Army, Pennsylvania National Guard, Staff Sergeant


During his terms as a County Commissioner:

• Passed six County Budgets without any tax increase

• Took the lead in establishing a 24/7 booking center at the Washington County Correctional Facility.

• Led the way to establishing a Pre-Trial Service program

• Diligently worked with department heads to streamline county operations

• Supported Human Services, while serving on the Behavioral Health & Developmental Services Board

As a Chartiers Township Supervisor:

• 2010 recipient of the 21st Annual President’s Leadership Award of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, recognizing the highest standards of dedication, leadership, and creativity in municipal government.

• Infrastructure - Spearheaded numerous water, sewage, and roadway initiatives that have made Chartiers Township one of the most productive and promising communities in Washington County.

• Tax Responsibility - There were zero tax increases in Chartiers Township during his tenure as supervisor. During his 16 years as chairman, he wrote grant proposals that brought millions of dollars to our region, added dramatically to community resources and facilities, but did not impose any additional burden on our citizens.

• Established the first park areas within the township, Allison Parkette and Arnold Park. Initiated the building of a new Chartiers Township Community Center.


• He and his wife Jacquelyn are the parents of four children and 12 grandchildren