Early-Learning Family Support Programs

For more information on these programs, please visit the PA Department of Education Website.

Evidence-Based Home Visiting Family Support Programs have a family-centered focus, strength-based approach that works with both the child and parent. Studies of various home-visiting programs have shown positive impacts on:

  • children's cognitive development and behavior
  • higher grade-point averages and achievement scores at age nine
  • higher graduation rates from high school.

 In 2015-16, through local, state, and federal funding, 17,955 infants and toddlers received services through:

  • Children's Trust Fund
  • Nurse-Family Partnership
  • Early Head Start
  • Healthy Families America
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Parent-Child Home Program
Parents as Teachers
Early Head Start
Childrens Trust Fund
Healthy Families America
parent child home program