District Attorney's Office of Victim Services

About the Program

The Washington County District Attorney's Office of Victim Services contacts all victims whose cases are prosecuted through the criminal justice system as soon as the case is at the District Attorney’s office. The program also facilitates with other community agencies to establish a plan to provide contact with victims and/or victim’s family within 72 hours of the reporting of an incident involving serious personal injury.

For personal injury crimes, victims will be contacted to provide orientation to the process and offer advocacy. Restitution claim forms will be provided to victims who experience out-of-pocket losses as soon as the case information is received, and also info regarding the availability of the Crime Victim Compensation Fund. Overall, the administrator will address all areas of immediate concern to victims, including, but not limited to safety and security, counseling needs, out-of-pocket losses, orientation to the criminal justice system, and property return.

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