Greenways Plan

Washington County Greenways Plan

The Washington County greenways plan was initiated following the adoption of the Washington County Comprehensive Plan on November 23, 2005. The coordination of these two important county-level planning efforts affirmed the County’s commitment to proactive planning to balance development and Preservation. With the County Comprehensive Plan as its foundation, the Greenways Plan will strengthen the County’s capacity to direct development and preservation efforts in a manner that will achieve a desirable quality of life for future generations. The Washington County Greenways Plan also serves as a stand alone document for parties or persons interested in planning for development, recreation, or public infrastructure; those who may be interested in preservation or environmental issues; or, municipalities that wish to develop local policies towards greenway development.

The Washington County Commissioners adopted the Washington County Greenways Plan on January 18, 2007 as an amendment to the County Comprehensive Plan.

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