About the Tax Claim Bureau

Click here to learn more about the PAHAF Assistance Program. To begin the application process, please click here. If you have any questions about applying for assistance or to register over the phone, please contact the Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund Customer Support Center at (888) 987-2423.Once you have received a valid PAHAF applicant ID, please call the Washington County Tax Revenue Department at (724) 228-6850.

The Tax Claim Bureau of the Washington County Tax Revenue Department is responsible for collecting delinquent taxes for the county Treasurer, school districts, townships, and boroughs. After collections, the funds are dispersed to the appropriate taxing bodies.

The Washington County Tax Claim Bureau provides tax information regarding delinquencies to banking institutions, real estate agencies, attorneys, etc., as well as to individuals and title searchers. The bureau conducts tax sales as prescribed by law.

 Tax Claims Downloadable Documents

Washington County does not publish or maintain an excess fund list. All monies are distributed to owner(s) or to the Municipalities after 3 years.

**Due to the extended length of processing needed to print and edit the advertised Upset 2022 Delinquent Tax Tab, ALL 2019 &/or 2020 Delinquencies which were NOT PAID IN FULL by 4:30 PM on
6-30-2022 were advertised
in (3) printing sources: (1) The Observer Reporter (2) The Mon Valley Independent & (3) The Washington County Reports. Delinquent Tax Tab Information was sent to all printing sources at 8:30 A.M. on 7-1-2022. This data did NOT reflect any additional payments made after 8:30 A.M on 7-1-2022 and beyond. Unfortunately, the Washington County Tax Claim Bureau cannot guarantee that your property was removed from the advertising data file to be printed. Advertisement was published for the Upset Sale on Thursday, July 14, 2022 in all printing sources.