Monday - Friday

9:00am - 4:00pm

*The Treasurer's office will be closed on 12/30/22 at 12:00PM*


Enroll in paperless billing now with eNotice!

If you know your authorization code (included in your tax bill), click the image above to enroll.

We have moved! We are now at 95 W Beau St. Suite 130 ground floor, located in the prior Frick Credit Union office. We are Open and ready to serve you.

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Online Dog Licensing

The new online dog license software is up and running. Click the link below to visit, and remember to update your bookmarks.

Dog Licenses


Washington Area Animal Relief Fund: Remember to support the WAARF efforts of abused animals with a donation to this office.


About the Department

The Treasurer's Office is the mailing agent of bills for the commonwealth. It collects county taxes, receives money for the state and federal grants, and issues licenses as major responsibilities.

Mission Statement

The Washington County Treasurer's Office is a branch of Washington County Government created by statute of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Legislature. The elected Treasurer is sworn to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth as well as the United States of America.

The Treasurer's office is the financial arm of the county government. Our mission is to collect county real estate taxes in the most professional and efficient manner. Together with the Board of Commissioners we will insure all funds are invested prudently. We will also insure that the necessary funds are available to pay all claims against the county.

We pledge professional, courteous service to the residents and taxpayers of Washington County who have entrusted us with these duties.