Education Program

Project Summary

Washington County is planning to use funds from the EECBG to help propagate an educational program for county and municipal officials and personnel. The county would like to offer educational workshops, in partnership with various regional entities, to help educate county and municipal employees on the importance of conservation. The program will offer sensible solutions to some of the more wasteful activities that occur within the office environment. We would also like to create e-flyers and other materials to help with education.

Funds will be used to help reduce the costs of supplies that will be used for educational materials, as well as in helping to cover any fees that are applicable to the establishment of an annual workshop to help officials and personnel learn new energy saving techniques that can be implemented at little to no costs. The county would like to see these tips and strategies be passed onto citizens with the use of county provided materials for distribution to help create an informal Best Management Practices concerning energy efficiency. Ultimately, the county would like to see these techniques become widespread practice throughout the county.

This program will be sustained through partnerships with regional organizations, like the Local Government Academy, the Southwest Pennsylvania Commission, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, and others that will be researched in the future. These partnerships could potentially use the information that is received by Washington County and other counties and create a statewide program that helps educate the public on energy saving techniques.