Sewage Inventory

Sewage Inventory Book

Update - Washington County has created a follow up Sewage Inventory spreadsheet with updates on projects first identified in the 2015 Inventory, and also with upcoming projects for the various Authorities. 

The information provided on the spreadsheet is a 5-year statistical and project update to the 2015 Sewage Provider Inventory & Assessment.  Please refer to the plan for detailed analysis, mapping, issues/recommendations, & provider inventory sheets.  

 The update information was collected through a survey and interviews conducted from summer 2019 through summer 2020.You can view the spreadsheet here:

2020 Washington County Sewage Provider Inventory and Assessment Update Spreadsheet

UPDATE - The Sewage Provider Inventory and Assessment is completed! Please see the links below. For print and CD copies, contact the Planning Commission at 724-228-6811, or at Please note that the document is large (38 MB) and may take a while to download. Please contact our office with any questions.

2015 Washington County Sewage Provider Inventory and Assessment Full Document
2015 Washington County Sewage Provider Inventory and Assessment Plan Document
2015 Washington County Sewage Provider Inventory and Assessment Inventory Sheets

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Please find the Sewer Provider Inventory Update Form below. For a typable form, please contact Jeff Leithauser at the above email.

2015 Sewage Provider Inventory Update Form


The Washington County Planning Commission will be developing the Washington County Sewage Inventory Book. The book will contain information pertaining to sewage planning in the county. Currently the plan is to develop a one-or two-page spreadsheet with the requested information similar to the attached example.

The book will be given to state and federal legislators and the various funding agencies as a reference tool to help better understand the overall sewage needs in the county both short and long term. It is our hope that this inventory will assist these entities when developing funding programs and legislation related to sewage and water.

The County Commissioners and the Planning Commission have placed an emphasis over the last 10 years on advancing sewage and water projects. Through your hard work many of the major problem areas in the county now have sewage. Additionally, many of the existing systems have been upgraded or are in the planning stage to be repaired.

Survey & Materials
Please save the surveys at the below links, fill them out, and return them to the Planning Commission office before September 1. Please base your answers on approved Act 537, Corrective Action Plans and Right Sizing Plans, etc., where appropriate. You can return the survey to Jeff Leithauser.

We have included a sample sheet as an example of how the text for the sheets should be developed. Please feel free to contact the Planning Commission office with any questions or comments.