Mission & Services

What We Will Do

  • We believe that all victims should be afforded the right to make a prior comment on the sentencing of the defendant. This includes contacting the crime victims by letter or telephone to inform them of the opportunity to address the court at the time of the sentencing in addition to, or instead of a written victim impact statement for the sentencing judge’s consideration.
  • Assistance will be provided to victims who request assistance in the preparation of an impact statement.
  • When the District Attorney’s office has advance notice of any dispositional proceeding, reasonable efforts will be made to notify all crime victims, who have requested such notice, of the time and place of the proceeding.
  • We will make reasonable efforts to provide notice of the disposition of the defendant to the victims who request notice.
  • Upon request, the Office of Victim Services will provide notice to victims of personal injury crimes of the defendant’s release at the time of sentencing and this information will be extended to any sentence modifications.
  • The administrator will work with the assigned assistant district attorney to ensure that restitution info is collected in all appropriate cases and ensure that restitution for their losses is requested at the time of sentencing, after getting the worksheet from the victim.
  • Victims and witnesses will also be provided non-judgmental support and accompaniment to hearings.
  • We will be aware of victim needs and able to offer victim-centered supportive counseling as necessary and appropriate, while also maintaining a current list of referrals for victims, and assess what is available and needed regarding community referrals / groups for them.
  • Our best efforts go into making info about court dates and court accompaniment available to victims, witnesses, and family members by mail or telephone (for all hearings, interviews, trials, and sentencing) upon request.


The District Attorney's Office of Victim Services is committed to providing all victims of crime with the opportunities for involvement and input as afforded them through the Victim’s Bill of Rights in Pennsylvania. These rights and services shall be provided to victims, witnesses, their families, and significant others with compassion, dignity, and respect.