Landex Remote

The Landex Remote software is a very comprehensive search tool for the frequent searcher. A per minute fee and per page fee is charged while connected to the County. Search criteria is identical to the software at the County Office. Download and installation of software is required.
landex remote

Searching Capabilities

Searches may be performed by any combination of the following fields. Information available and data layout will vary from county to county.
  1. Name
  2. Recorded Date
  3. Instrument type
  4. Book and page number
  5. Municipality/parcel number if available.
  6. Instrument number
  7. Reference instrument
  8. File number, if available

After installing and testing the software, subscribers are required to establish and maintain a debit account balance. This is performed via the Add Money link on the web site. Your user ID and password are required each time money is added.
The cost is 10 cents for each minute the user is on-line and connected to the county and 5 cents for each page that is downloaded. All printing is performed to the local printer; therefore there is no cost for prints.

A minimum of $25.00 is required per credit card transaction. This money may be placed on multiple counties as long as the total is at least $25.00. Account balances are never credited due to inactivity.

Credit card payment is accepted for immediate access. Payment in the form of a check may be submitted, but will take a few days to be processed.

Search Instructions

Functionality of the program is practically identical to the Landex Retrieval Module in the County office. Screen presentations may differ due to the variations in the subscriber’s monitor size.

A Help manual is available from the main screen of the Landex Remote program. Prior to connecting to a county, click on the help menu and then click on Contents. And entire manual is available with complete instructions on performing searches, printing reports, and viewing images.

Subscribers are recommended to perform some test searches on the demo site. This allows for 15 free minutes of connection time to learn how to perform a search.

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