Landex Webstore

The Landex Webstore software is a basic search tool for the infrequent searcher. Payment is on per document and per order basis. Searches are performed via a web-site.

Searches may be performed across multiple counties at the same time. Searches may be limited or expanded based on county, instrument type and municipality. Basic information will be retrieved. Images may only be viewed after credit card payment is received.

Payment Information Landex Webstore

Image pricing is as follows:
  • $2.00 for the first page of each document ordered.
  • $0.75 for each additional page after the first page
  • $5.00 order handling fee

Searching Capabilities

Searches may be performed by any combination of the following fields. Information and data layout will vary from county to county.
  1. Name, (please read the help information when searching by name)
  2. Recorded date
  3. Book and page number
  4. Instrument type
  5. Instrument number
  6. Municipality

Search Results

Basic information on each document is returned, sorted by county name and date recorded.
Click on the “Add to Cart” checkbox to purchase the image and update the shopping cart.

Viewing Images

A PDF viewer is required to retrieve images. A link listed on the web site to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Viewer.
Images may be retrieved and reprinted free of charge for 30 days after the initial order.

To get started: visit