Our Facility

Washington County Forensic Facility

On Thursday, July 9th, 2015, Coroner Tim Warco along with the County Commissioners, Washington Hospital Directors and members of the press met for a tour of our brand-new, state of the art forensic facility.

Our facility provides a modern, spacious environment for the collection of forensic evidence during autopsy and offers an environment conducive to the instruction of medical students. 

We're lucky to have such a modern facility, and are thankful for the cooperation between the county Board of Commissioners and the board of directors of Washington Hospital.

For more on the facility, read our press release.

In attendance for the opening of the new Forensic Facility at the Washington Hospital, from left to right: County Commissioners Harlan Shober, Larry Maggi and Diana Irey; Washington Health System CEO Gary Weinstein; Coroner Tim Warco; and from Washington Health System, Director of Laboratory Dave Truxel, Director of Facilities and Project Manager Greg Caldwell, and Chief Operating Officer Brook Ward.
We've come a long way! Our new facility as it looked prior to construction... the room was formerly the print shop for Washington Hospital. With the air handler relocated, pre-construction planning takes place within the room destined to become the new forensic center.

Commissioner Harlan Shober shakes hands with Dave Truxel

of Washington Health System as Gary Weinstein converses with Commissioners Maggi and Irey-Vaughan.

County Commissioners Larry Maggi and Diana Irey-Vaughan, Project Manager Greg Caldwell, Coroner Tim Warco and Washington Health System CEO Gary Weinstein.

Dave Truxel, Commissioner Larry Maggi, and Washington Health System CEO Gary Weinstein discuss the morgue's modern cooler with members of the media. At the top of the photo is a heavy-duty body lift.

Tim shaking hands with Washington Health System's Greg Caldwell, who served as Project Manager for the Forensic Facility, and Dave Truxel.

Tim discusses the features and benefits of the new Forensic Facility with members of the press, comparing it to his former workspace. Seen in the background is our autopsy station and a storage area for tissue specimens. Tim addresses questions from members of the media during his press conference and dedication of the forensic facility.

Washington Health System Radiographer Tim Fitzgerald (right) and Matt Yancosek, IT Washington County Coroner's Office, prepare to review the first digital radiograph taken in the new autopsy suite. This is the first use of a computer in the morgue, though we've been using them in the field for over 10 years.