Transportation in Washington County

Transportation in Washington County

Historically, transportation corridors have influenced population growth and directed patterns of development. The ability to move people and goods from one location to another in a manner that is effective, efficient and safe is one of the primary goals of transportation planning. A comprehensive transportation system is actually an integration of subsystems modes that provides access and mobility to residents and travelers. Such subsystems are usually associated with the most familiar mode of transportation - the roadway, but also encompasses waterways, air, sidewalks, trails, and public transit. The modes of transportation are very diverse and create administrative challenges to maintain, operate, and rehabilitate the various modes. (Washington County Comprehensive Plan November 2005)

Transportation systems play a fundamental role in the livability and economic prosperity of any community. Providing connectivity to and from residential areas, commercial centers, and industrial hubs is essential for economic development. Transportation planning is now encouraging alternative means to improve accessibility by applying "smart growth" principles to realize a mix of land uses and transportation design. (Washington County Comprehensive Plan November 2005)

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