Civil View



The CivilView Web Portal delivers up to the minute, real-time data from the civil case management system of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. It is important to understand that you are viewing data from a live database. In that the data is live and in real time, users must allow recent data entries to be entered , verified and completed within their respective databases. In order to ensure that the data entries for which you are viewing are validated and complete, please allow for at least 5 business days to pass before said data is considered validated and complete. 

Case information, party detail and service status can only be obtained online through the CivilView Subscription Service. The affidavits will be mailed to the attorney requesting service when they are completed and have been filed with the Prothonotary’s Office. 

You will find two separate links below. The first is for those who need to have an account created to access Civil View (A SUBSCRIPTION FEE WILL APPLY)

The second is the link to the Civil View site which you will sign in to once you receive your log-in information.