9-1-1 Addressing/GIS

I need to obtain a new address for my property. Who and where do I need to contact? 

  • Washington County Public Safety-911 does not assign addresses. The addressing authority is the local municipalities. We facilitate between the individual or agency requesting the address and the local municipality. The person or agency requesting the address can either contact our office and we can assist you in the process, or you can contact the local municipality on your own.  

  • Click here to find your municipal contact information.
  • Make sure they advise our office of the new address so that we can add it into the 9-1-1 system. 

Why isn’t my house on Google satellite view?

  • The satellite imagery that you see isn’t live. Google updates their imagery every 1-2 years. You may not notice any changes until the latest update.

UPS/FedEx says my address isn’t valid, and won’t deliver to my house. What can I do to fix that?

  • This is most likely because your mail is delivered via post office box, and not carrier or rural street delivery. If that’s the case, your house doesn’t show valid as a carrier / rural route delivery address. The USPS will have to adjust your home address accordingly in their system. Traditionally, they [USPS] will need an “Address Verification Form” from our office. This can be initiated by contacting our office. Please call 724-228-6911 and ask to speak with someone regarding address concerns. If found to be valid we will provide you with the verification that you can then submit to your local USPS. 

Addressing Inquires