Joint Municipal Purchasing Program

            As an effort to provide our 66 municipalities with an opportunity to purchase numerous municipal supplies, Washington County operates a Joint Municipal Purchasing Program.   The greater the number of municipalities that participate in the program, the lower the bid prices will be in order to accommodate those participants in a competitive market.   There is no obligation to purchase those items once an award is made.    

             Primary features of the program include: 

  • Lower prices through group buying
  • Savings of advertising dollars, copy and mailing costs, etc. 
  • Communities are not obligated to purchase
  • There is no fee to join and no penalty to withdraw

 Participating municipalities anticipate their usage by filling out the survey form (January for summer supplies and August for winter supplies.)  Municipalities have the option to request additional items not listed on the survey.   Returned survey forms are tabulated, and the total amount of anticipated supplies for all municipalities is advertised for bid.  Once bids are received and certified, a municipality buying from the low bidder is considered to have honored the legal advertising requirements and thus saves the cost of advertising.  All products are bought directly from the vendor.  

 Participating municipalities themselves need to make separate awards to the lowest responsible bidder for each item. The awards should be made in a timely manner after bid opening and is dependent on the guidelines of each municipality

Summer items for bid: Liquid Asphalt, Bituminous Surfacing Material, Road Aggregates, Rock Lining, Corrugated Metal Pipe, Corrugated Plastic Pipe and any other materials specified by municipality.

 Winter items for bid: Anti-Skid Material, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Cold Patch, Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Hydraulic Fluid and any other materials specified by municipality


Please see below for Joint Purchasing Anticipated Quantities Forms for your use.


1.  This is a joint purchasing program developed by Washington County and the Washington County Joint Municipal Purchasing Council.

2.  The bid item quantities listed in each bid category are estimates only and the individual municipality reserves the right to purchase any part, all, more, or none of the materials specified.

3.  Bids may include all items, or each item may be bid separately.

4.  Both plant FOB price and delivered price are to be included for each bid item. 

5.  Bid prices are to be in effect for a period of one year from the date of the opening of the bid.

6.  The participating municipalities themselves will make separate awards to the lowest responsible bidder for each item.


7.  Delivery is to be made on five (5) days’ notice from the municipality to the contractor. The successful bidder shall be required to execute a contract with the participating municipalities assuring prompt delivery as directed by an authorized municipal representative and in a manner provided for herein.  In the event prompt delivery is not made, the contractor will be held responsible for the difference in cost of materials purchased elsewhere over that specified in the contract.


8.  Any questions regarding the enclosed specifications should be directed to Randy Vankirk, Director of Purchasing at (724) 228-6946 at least ten (10) days prior to bid openings.  Questions may also be directed to Dalton Thompson, Contract Manager/SR Buyer,


9.  Locations for delivered products:

Municipalities – to a location within the municipality requesting products.

Washington County – to one of the following specified locations; Washington County Bridge Department (Washington City); Washington County Building and Grounds Department (Washington City); or one of the Washington County Parks, Ten Mile Creek Park (East Bethlehem Township), Mingo Creek Park (Nottingham Township), or Cross Creek Park (Hopewell Township / Cross Creek Township).

 10.  Changes to the format will not be accepted, if item specification s are different than as listed, please note this discrepancy in your submission.

Online Fillable Forms

Summer Anticipated Quantities Municipal Survey Form 2023

Winter Anticipated Quantities Municipal Survey Form